Friday, June 10, 2005


What's in a name?

Tuesday evening was a very productive evening. Andy T., erstwhile 'Spear guitarist and occasional bassist, dropped in to listen to the work so far and to provide a fresh set of ears.

We now have at least basic mixes for all the tracks, some are finished and many just need a few finishing touches. Hurrah.

We also considered how best to promote the new CD and how to generate interest in it. Whilst we are quite keen to do some form of live work it woul dbe fair to say that none of us have the time or energy to commit to the sort of schedule of live dates that we were doing in 97-99. One of the suggestions was to perhaps organise some larger events with multiple bands and perhaps some gigs at other selected events - I guess we'd jump at the chance to do something like the national pagan federation conference again.

Certainly the podcasting idea was given the thumbs up, especially as Jim would like to get involved with presenting :))

The best idea of the night was the realisation that the podcast should have a better name than "The Anewmusic Podcast" which I felt was rather cumbersome. The concensus was that, as with the original fanzine, the show should be called:
The D-Files
So obvious really.
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