Friday, February 18, 2011


Long Time Ago (Redux)

To celebrate the launce of the new Druidspear website a new version of the video for Long Time Ago has been released on both myspace and YouTube using the final version of the track from the album Return of the Broken Sorcerer.

The Broken Sorcerer Returns

Druidspear are back!

Friday, October 02, 2009


The Love Commandos new site

The Love Commandos
Zakala has recently finished putting together the Love Commandos new look website. Designed as a new blog style site for the West Midlands rock band it will hopefully attract more people to the band - especially once we get out and start gigging again after completing the album "Siren".

Thursday, August 02, 2007



Given that I'm never going to have the time or the money to press and distribute the last Druidspear album I'm looking at online distribution through iTunes via Artists Without a Label (AWAL).

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Apple to sell DRM-free music through iTunes -

"Apple and EMI have announced they have taken the first steps towards
DRM-free digital music - but only for those who are prepared to pay

Well it's a start, but where is the advantage over buying the CD and ripping it yourself, given that the price rises push an album over the usual "supermarket" price?

On the bright side it shows that consumer power can have an effect - if we all keep pressing for DRM free music that we can use how we like, where we like and on what we like once we have paid for it eventually the other record companies will offer it.

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Monday, March 05, 2007


OK so I'm slack.

Yes the tracks are mixed and mastered and I've played them on enough devices to feel that they travel well. Now we just have the small matter of distribution. I don't have the cash to press a CD, but since it is now possible for independants to get their music hosted on iTunes this may be the way to go. Would people be willing to pay 7.99 for an 11 track D'Spear album? Is this worth my while?

Let me know.

Monday, November 13, 2006


Nearly there...

OK I know I've threatened as much before, but I think that the Druidspear album is finally ready - I just need to listen to it to check final volume levels and tweak if necessary. Having a set of hi-fi speakers to check the masters on has finally made the mastering a manageable task as the Genelecs I was using, whilst wonderfully details in the mid and high range were definitely lacking in bass extension. Rolling off the sub-bass on most of the tracks should make them much more clear and listenable (I'm being picky of course; most people wouldn't immediately spot the difference between these and the original masters, but the originals weren't very portable and really didn't sound right in some situations).

Anyway assuming there's no more tweaking needed (and if there is I promise I will do it this week) I will mail white labels to the band for comments, get JC to sort out the album art and JB to organise the blurb. We might even have it available for Yule!

Now that would be a present.

The Richard Vobes Radio Show

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