Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Studio and podcasts

It's been a while so I guess I should update the site with the skinny on what's been happening. The studio has had a little more work done on it to improve the workflow and ergonomics. Mostly this has involved the purchase of wiring looms to pull some inserts and the aux send/returns onto a pair of patchbays so that it's easier to rout compresion effects to different places on the desk without resorting to rummaging around at the back of the console (not an easy task for an engineer of the more comfortable persuasion).

So we now have a nicely tidy work environment with all of the recent gadgets integrated into the system including a valve mic pre (of the cheap, but usable, kind) and my bass v-amp which I finally got to hear properly for the first time last week. We also now have both PCs wired through the desk which potentially gives me separate playback and recording PCs so that I can do live recording (if that makes any sort of sense) of radio style shows that we can put out as podcasts. Whether I'll bother to do this or just record the voice parts and composite them depends on how well I can actually do "live" radio.

Once I finally get to put one of these podcasts together I'll get it up on the site so that you can listen to some of the music and plans that we hope to put together in the near future. Of course as you are all no doubt aware "near" can be somewhat subjective in Anewmusic terms, but the new D'Spear album (yes that one) is being mixed at the moment and we think it would be nice to get some snippets out there for people to listen to.
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