Monday, May 16, 2005


Review: Pagan Dub Lord - Dragonseidr

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"Another disc retrieved from the 'Ohmigod I'd missed those' pile! Pagan Dub Lord is an electronic space rock band who definitely ingests far too many psychotropic drugs for their own good. This chemical haze does however lead to a stunning c.d. of trippy sound rhythms and tunes. With influences as wide as King Crimson and P.I.L. the sound on the disc always challenge and delight. With the instrumentation including Dragontronics, throbtones and electric mushrooms I think you know where these people are coming from. Musically a bit like the Bastard offspring of the Aphex twin and Ozric Tentacles my only criticism is a bit of an over reliance on Synth drums…a bit of processing wouldn't have gone amiss there."
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