Wednesday, December 24, 2003


December 2003

Updated the AnewMusic homepage with lovely snowy flakes for Yule.

Still working on electrics, but have discovered that bleak mid-winter, frozen ground and digging for electricity doesn't work. Damn and I was hopin' to strike a gusher too! Perhaps if I put up a very tall pole and pray for thunder...?

Saw Ethel Vince play at the Bear Tavern a couple of weeks ago and very good they were too - check out their website at

Also playing were the marvelous Prussian Blue who, for reasons of double booking, I didn't actually get to see. For completeness and a sense of fair play, however, their website is here: Prussian Blue Dot Com

Talk of finishing "that damned album" spirals on, though I may squeeze out some mp3s of the work in progress.
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