Monday, November 13, 2006


Nearly there...

OK I know I've threatened as much before, but I think that the Druidspear album is finally ready - I just need to listen to it to check final volume levels and tweak if necessary. Having a set of hi-fi speakers to check the masters on has finally made the mastering a manageable task as the Genelecs I was using, whilst wonderfully details in the mid and high range were definitely lacking in bass extension. Rolling off the sub-bass on most of the tracks should make them much more clear and listenable (I'm being picky of course; most people wouldn't immediately spot the difference between these and the original masters, but the originals weren't very portable and really didn't sound right in some situations).

Anyway assuming there's no more tweaking needed (and if there is I promise I will do it this week) I will mail white labels to the band for comments, get JC to sort out the album art and JB to organise the blurb. We might even have it available for Yule!

Now that would be a present.
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