Thursday, January 24, 2002


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Many new and exciting things have been happening at Anew Music. Druidspear are getting ever closer to completing the follow up album to the much praised "...Slow". They are nailing down the finishing touches as I write this! Pagan Dub Lord have released their first CD "Dragon Seider", best described as a post industrial masterpiece which combines elements of Trance, and Ambient with audio surrealism. For more information about Druidspear, Pagan Dub Lord, Gary O'Dea or any of the other Anew Music artists, check out the label page. We now have mp3 samples of artists' work and some sneak previews of the forthcoming Druidspear CD's.

We've now added Gary O'Dea to our label page. Gary has worked tirelessly for little reward for Anew Music - check out his releases on his very own pages with links to The Songwriter's Cafe. Check out the reviews on Gary's CD pages - yet more praise for his releases. Also Gary now has his own photo album on the anew music website!!!

Pagan Dub Lord are had 2 tracks played on Supanova Radio in April. Wyrd Spayce & Tip were aired, one track on 8th of April, the other on the 15th of April. The show is called Natural Highs & Strawberry Skies and you will find them @

High Horse Studio is once again overflowing with creative talent. For information about how you can get in and get recording see the studio page.

Contact details for all divisions are on the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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